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Tenten Li
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Name: Li Tenten
Age: 16
D.O.B: March 9th
Grade Level: Junior
Residence: Japan
Former Residence: China
Roommate: Yokobue Tayuya
Hobbies: Fortune Telling, Research
Personality: Adaptable, carefree, busybody
Likes: Socializing, cheerleading, taking loooooonnnggg breaks, throwing projectiles, chinese food, take out, going on the roof top and looking at stars past curfew, PENCILS, parties, scary stories, music, pandas, archery, putting my hair up
Dislikes: Running, loud noises past 12AM, RUMORS THAT AREN'T TRUE!, stoves, when a pencil breaks a puppy dies D:, Jaggerjack chewing on my things even though I bought him a new chewtoy!!, hair in my face
Things You Should Know: Joining the local school system somewhen through middle school, Tenten hailed from China and migrated when her parents were posted here for work. She has since adapted to the education system and its culture, striving hard at both academics and her personal hobby of darts and archery. She speaks both Chinese and English fluently.
Character Model: Tanaka Reina
Roleplay: konoha_high, come join the fun!

**This journal was created for an RP. Obviously, none of the information placed here is valid. :P